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The Valley of Electronics, Electrical and Electronic Appliance Industries Union (SINDVEL) was created to coordinate, protect and legally represent the industries in the sector.

The Valley of Electronics is located in the city of Santa Rita do Sapucaí in the state of Minas Gerais.

The union’s mission is to defend the interests of its members, encouraging the continuous improvement and human and technological qualification of companies. Through integrated actions, seeks to qualify the labor offered to the market, improve labor relations and social development in companies.

It also performs constant activities for specialized technical improvement. Respect and preservation of the environment, occupational health and productivity improvement methods are widely developed aspects to ensure the region’s competitiveness.

The joint performance of the companies, allied to the relationship with these entities, has allowed the training of employees and entrepreneurs, participation in national and international fairs and visits to events in various parts of the world, among other activities.

Technical and Commercial Missions, participation in fairs and sectoral events are constantly supported by SINDVEL, in Brazil and abroad, in order to offer the small and medium business owner access to the highly specialized national and international market such as electronics.


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The Brazilian “Electronics Valley” is located in the city of Santa Rita do Sapucai, State of Minas Gerais. The municipality has 44,000 inhabitants and is 224 km from Sao Paulo.

The city has become one of the main Technology Centers in Brazil and is recognized worldwide for the development and production of consumer electronics, which today are exported to several continents, currently negotiating with 52 countries.

The 153 companies that make up the Electro-Electronic Productive Arrangement (APL) employ around 14,700 people and have as a common characteristic the constant search for innovation and pioneering the development of the more than 14,500 items they manufacture. Its products are mainly focused on the following sectors: Electro-Electronic, Telecommunications, Security, Electronics, Informatics, Broadcasting Products, Industrial Automation, Building and Commercial, Information Technology, Electromedical, Supplies and Services.

partnership objectives sindvel + israbras

Enabling enhancement programs in Israel by training professionals from SINDVEL member companies, with Israeli companies and education institutes. The counterpart is to offer for Israeli young people and professionals a "professional exchange" for graduates in electronic engineering and related courses, with established companies in Electronics Valley

Promote visits to Israel by groups with common interests who want to meet, trade and do business with Israeli companies. The objective is to establish partnerships for the development and mutual transfer of technology aimed at the development of Vale da Eletrônica.

Show to the Israeli technology hubs, the opportunities presented by the Santa Rita do Sapucaí Technology Park and, conversely, keep SINDVEL informed of industry trends and news generated by the Israeli technology universe in the electronics segment.

Disclosure of Agreement

SINDVEL President – Mr. Roberto de Souza Pinto – announced the agreement during the “Comenda Sinhá Moreira” event on November 22, 2019


ISRABRAS BRASIL Director – Mr. Paulo Tourinho –  was representing the company during the event, signing the terms of the “Mutual Cooperation Agreement”

2020 /2021 Projects

The main topics of the agreement mentioned above are aimed at bringing Israeli companies and the High Tech universe together with SINDVEL members from January.

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